Come to comino Website

01 Dec 2016Come to Comino Site Header The latest site designed and built by is now live. is a site promoting the island of Comino, which lies off the coast of Malta. The commission involved creating an online version of a small pamphlet/guidebook, published by Maltese resident and frequent visitor to Comino, Dick Evans. For the website design, chose to take the map printed in the guidebook as the focal point and create an interactive version of this, which allows site users to browse the map and then click on places of interest to read more about them and link to other sections of the site which give in-depth information.

Buy Cheap. Buy Twice!

19 Apr 2016Not So Lovely Jubbly. [image credit: Birmingham Mail] The recent “Going Titsup” [to use technical terminology] at has, once again, shown the folly of putting price above everything else, when selecting providers for your web services —especially when you’re running a small business which depends on those services. Is the risk of losing your entire website and several days of business really worth saving a couple of pence a day, over the course of a year for?

Job Done!

19 Feb 2016Another Hugo conversion job completed. today handed over the source code to the new Hugo based version of the Chest Radiologists Collaborative website. Another satisfied customer: Site works perfectly. Thanks!Howard Mann MD,

Octopress to Hugo Site Conversion Commission

07 Feb 2016Another Hugo conversion commission for . This time I have been tasked with converting the website of a group of Thoracic Radiologists, from Octopress to Hugo format. The commission involves: Conversion of existing site layout to Hugo theme Conversion of existing articles to markdown format 14 days tech support

Job Done

25 Jan 2016After a bit of a break during the Christmas & New Year period, when the project was paused while the client had other ‘stuff’ to attend to, today handed over the source code to the new Hugo based version of the Beyond Binary website. Once again, the client was pleased with the work done: Thank you again for being so active and helpful.OJ Reeves,

Media City Teaching Gig

18 Dec 2015Got a call today from a tutor I know at University of Salford, asking me if I’d be interested in teaching a web design module, in the new year, at their swanky new Media City UK campus. In contrast to the last freelance teaching gig I had, this one would be spread over twelve weeks –albeit only a single three hour session each week. Still, that would give me enough time to at least cover the subject in a wee bit of depth.

Hugo Theme Commission

04 Nov has been commissioned by an Australian security consultancy to convert their existing website design to work with Hugo. The commission involves: Conversion of existing site layout to Hugo theme Conversion of existing articles to markdown format 14 days tech support

Overlay Overlaid

11 Aug 2015Completed the wee Javascript commission for Alpharmaxim today and handed over the code to their web designer. Looks fab.Patrick Spiller, Not the biggest project in the history of web design. It mostly involved just the grunt-work of making sure the overlay worked properly across all browsers and screen sizes, handled input errors properly —and passed the harvested data onto the Candii visitor tracking system correctly.

Bracket Monkey Commission

06 Aug 2015Just a wee ‘bijou commission-ette’ to announce today and, given my oft-professed loathing of the plague of Javascript overlays littering the intarwebs these days [1] [2], you may very well detect a slight stench of hypocrisy in the air. has been commissioned by a large healthcare company, who I’ve done a fair bit of Flash coding for in the distant past [for even more shame!], to build a responsive Javascript overlay into their currently-being-revamped website and then integrate this with the Candii visitor tracking system.

Ich Bin Ein Frankfurter!

04 Aug 2015As of this morning, the mighty madraserver, upon which this site [and many of my other priceless contributions to internet culture] reside, has moved from a datacentre in London, England to one in Frankfurt, Germany. Why? Why not? Anyway, it gave me a chance to do some tinkering and possibly fix something that wasn’t broken. So how could I resist!

Illustrator Teaching Gig

05 Jun 2015Off to the Manchester Creative Studio today for a whirlwind teaching gig. I was challenged with getting through all of the following, in the space of a single day: intro to individual/organisation, and examples of their work introduction to the software/equipment/platform and acclimatisation/testing students split into teams to work on a product or output product is created students feedback to group written reflection and portfolio update Ideally, I’d have liked 2 or 3 sessions, as it’s impossible to more than scratch the surface of a big software package in a single day.

TechEd Archive Site Live

09 May 2015The Technical Education Matters Archive site built by has gone live. 123 articles converted from magazine clippings & photocopies to digital text, all illustrations, diagrams and charts recreated digitally in Adobe Illustrator and the whole thing built into a WordPress site and the archive made searchable; alphabetically, by date, by category and by publication. Phew! Quite a job. Still, the client is happy with it and that’s the main thing.

And It Shall Be Called Tech Ed Archive

17 Dec 2014My latest project in association with Dr. Richard G Evans of Technical Education Matters now has an official name. I’ve registered the domain name: so that’s were the site will live, when finished. As regards a progress report: Most of the material has been OCR-ed and proof-read and I’m currently working through the mountain of illustrations, charts and diagrams which need recreated digitally. It’s a slog, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

TEM Archive

17 Dec 2014My long-time client, Dr. Richard G Evans of Technical Education Matters has commissioned to produce a new site for him. The site will again be based on WordPress as the client is comfortable using this software and will comprise a searchable, digital archive of Dr. Evans published writings from the past 30+ years [he estimates around 100 articles]. The biggest challenge on this project will be the sheer amount of work involved in digitising the archive.

TEM Version 2

16 Nov 2013Today finished another very long ongoing project when the old Drupal-based Technical Education Matters website was taken out the back and shot and replaced with a shiny new WordPress version. It seems unbelievable that me and the client started working towards this over a year ago. However, it’s been an ‘after-hours’ project, with very little time available to devote to it and with no set deadline. We’ve also been working on adding content to the existing site and keeping that in sync with the new site as it was developed in parallel.

Drupal to Wordpress Conversion Commission

30 Dec 2012I’ve had a few discussions with the owner of the Technical Education Matters website, over the past few weeks, with regards giving the technology underlying the site a bit of an update. you may remember that built the site in association with SizeFour back in 2009, utilising Drupal —which was, at the time the best of a pretty bad bunch of CMSs. Although the client was pleased with the site, the user-friendliness of the Drupal software wasn’t what it should have been for a non-techie to cope with and madra.

Not So Bad Designs

05 Jun 2012After the embarrassment of the pretty dire proposed logos I inflicted on my Technical Education Matters client a few weeks ago, I found myself with a few idle hours in work and knocked together a couple of less “Yankee” looking ones to run past him. This time It looks like I got it right, so Technical Education Matters now has an official logo. I am very grateful for all your efforts.

Bad Designs

06 May 2012I knocked up a few designs for the re-branding of the Technical Education Matters site… …and he hated them, describing them as being “like a Harley Davidson badge!” —OUCH! IN the cold light of day, I can see why. I don’t know what I was thinking of. But just to show I’m big enough to laugh at myself, here they are for your mirth and amusement. Back to the oul’ drawing board!

Adopting a Site

29 Sep 2009A while back became the unexpected adoptive parents of a new website: Technical Ecucation Matters. It had been designed and maintained by SizeFour, a design company owned by a couple of mates of mine. I’d been providing them with some technical help as well as hosting for the site. Well, they’ve decided to dissolve their business and I’ve been asked to continue hosting the site and providing tech support for the owner.

Job Done!

29 Sep 2009After what has been a very long gestation period, has finally completed the project to convert a site being designed by SizeFour to run on a CMS —in this case Drupal. The site is now live: Technical Education Matters. Lest any potential clients be put off by the long-time between embarking on and finalising this project, I should point out that the commission was given an open-ended deadline by the client and [with his full understanding] the design process was completed in a piecemeal fashion, whilst SizeFour prioritised other projects and I was working full-time as a college lecturer, so only able to devote time to it on evenings and weekends.

Another Satisfied Customer

21 Sep 2009Received some very positive feedback from the client, with regard to the Technical Education Matters website that recently completed, in association with SizeFour. Many thanks for all your hard work and commitment on the website on technical education. It is wonderful and I am very grateful to you and Jay for a super task. The feedback has been amazing and all comment on the web layout and format. Comments include very professional, pleasing to look at and easy to navigate.

Drupal Ahoy!

31 Mar 2009After a few weeks to-ing and fro-ing, SizeFour and have agreed that Drupal is the best option for the technical education website commission, mentioned previously.

New Site Commission

31 Mar have been commissioned by the design agency SizeFour to help them produce a dynamic website for a client. the site will be used to publish articles relating to technical education and also to serialise a book by the site owner. SizeFour will be handling the design and will be converting it to work on an [as yet to be decided] CMS