Drupal to Wordpress Conversion Commission

30 Dec 2012

I’ve had a few discussions with the owner of the Technical Education Matters website, over the past few weeks, with regards giving the technology underlying the site a bit of an update. you may remember that madra.net built the site in association with SizeFour back in 2009, utilising Drupal —which was, at the time the best of a pretty bad bunch of CMSs.

Although the client was pleased with the site, the user-friendliness of the Drupal software wasn’t what it should have been for a non-techie to cope with and madra.net have had to provide pretty regular tech support for the client ever since.

As the CMS world has moved along a fair bit in the intervening years, we’ve agreed that he will commission madra.net to convert the site from Drupal-based to WordPress-based, which now offers a much friendlier admin interface than Drupal. As with the previous commission, this one will be a fairly long job –not necessarily because of the work involved [although converting from one proprietory system to another will be a fairly big task] but because of my ‘day job’ commitments which will, again, make this a ‘weekends and evenings’ project. Luckily the client is fine with this and we’re working to a nice “it’s ready when it’s ready” deadline —which are the best kind!