Grauniad Cryptic Crosstie Scraper

This is just a quick and hacky script I wrote to grab back issues of The Guardian newspaper’s various cryptic crosswords and save them [in PDF format] into a folder on your desktop. It retrieves; The Guardian Quiptic –which is fairly easy, The Observer Everyman –which is somewhere in the middle and The Guardian Cryptic –which can be quite tough.

Hugo Skeleton Site

Hugo is a fantastic Static Site Generator. However, for those new to it, it can be difficult to get your head round how it all works. One area of potential confusion is in how themes are put together. Hugo Skeleton Site contains skeletontheme, which is heavily commented and will help beginners get to grips with building a Hugo theme.

  • What are all those directories and sub-directories for?
  • What goes where and why?
  • How to organise my Content?