Here you'll find the occasional thing I've created and decided to inflict on the world at no charge.

This is a Local Shop for Local People


This is a simple script for use in Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey, <whatever>monkey, which will reload the results page when you’ve searched for anything on eBay UK so it only shows results from the UK.

It drives me insane that eBay defaults to showing results from all over the globe whenever you search. Like I’m going to ask someone to post me a fucking car from America or a bloody fridge from Australia! And, being eBay, there’s no way to change this by setting a preference or suchlike to only show local listings by default.

Because eBay hates you and wants to piss you off.

Grauniad Cryptic Crosstie Scraper


This is just a quick and hacky script I wrote to grab back issues of The Guardian newspaper’s various cryptic crosswords and save them [in PDF format] into a folder on your desktop. It retrieves; The Guardian Quiptic --which is fairly easy, The Observer Everyman --which is somewhere in the middle and The Guardian Cryptic --which can be quite tough.

LAST MODIFIED: 02 Dec 2023